Justine Sless

Justine Sless is a comedian, author and humour academic, spending over a decade researching, performing, teaching and producing stand-up comedy. Her first book, Mistress of Mirth’s COMEDY Tour is an adaptation of her MA by research in creative writing from La Trobe University. Mistress of Mirth is semi- autobiographical, intellectually compelling, and frightfully funny. Published by Australian Scholarly Publishing.

Website justinesless.com

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Mistress of Mirth’s COMEDY tour

Mistress of Mirth’s COMEDY Tour is set in Melbourne and takes the reader on a comedy tour where the joke sequence begins in Bourke Street Mall.

Justine’s “genre fluid” book blends comedy fun facts, darkly funny short stories, and a cornucopia of comedic research to escort readers through the quagmire of invective that has been directed at funny women for a millennium.

“I am a Mistress of Mirth having written, performed, researched, and taught stand-up comedy for many years and together with millions of other women across the globe we have enacted a mirthful mutiny taking on the unwieldy and historically (or is it hysterically?) male dominated world of stand-up comedy. COMEDY is an acronym for Call Out Male Entitlement Daily Y’all,” says Justine.

Events at Mansfield Readers and Writers Festival 2023

Masterclass: Witty Words

Saturday 4 March, 2:00 – 3:30 pm

$60 / $50 concession

Panel: Memoir, what is it good for?

Saturday 4 March 4 – 5 pm

$25 / $20 concession

Awards dinner
(Mistress of ceremonies)

Saturday 4 March 6 -9 pm

$150 / $120 concession

❤️ short story

Sunday 5 March 2:45-3:45 pm

$25/ $20 concession