James Layton

James Layton is a publisher, book seller and even wrote a book just to see if he could!(Would You Rather?!)

Larrikin House Publisher James Layton is passionate about creating fun, edgy and unique books for young readers. His industry experience spans thirty years as both a bookseller to schools and in 2018 a children’s publisher. 

His first question to authors is always ‘What’s the buy-in for the kid?’ As a young reluctant reader himself, James started creating humorous books to engage kids and make them laugh. His frank, no-nonsense approach is invaluable for anyone who wants a publishing deal.

James is a fantastic advocate of books kids love and if you’ve ever seen him on a panel at a writers’ festival he’s knowledgeable, passionate, frank and always five seconds from being cancelled (we jest of course!) Some people have even said he’s hilarious and charming, or maybe he said that …

Larrikin House

Instagram @james_layton

Events at Mansfield Readers and Writers Festival 2023

Panel: Publishing options

Sunday 5 March 10 – 11 am

Tickets: $25
Concession also available