Lauren Dawes

Lauren Dawes is a USA Today Bestselling Author. She writes dark urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and is the author of the Cat McKenzie series, the Gods & Monsters Trilogy and the Shadow Shifters Series. She likes her vampires dangerous, her shifters vicious and her Norse gods ruthless. When she’s not writing, she’s voraciously reading, hanging with her young daughter, or feeding her seriously out of control LEGO addiction. As an added bonus, she also writes dark romance under the pen name KALLY ASH (as if she wasn’t busy enough already).


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Bad Vampire

A rookie cop. A team of supernatural detectives. Recalcitrant baby vampires on the loose.

My name is Cat McKenzie, and I’ve been a very bad girl…

No, not in the I-need-a-spanking way…pervert.

Nope, my kind of bad got my partner killed on my first day of the job. And now I’m getting punished by being thrown in as human liaison to PIG — the Paranormal Investigative Group.

Seriously, what were my superiors thinking?

I’m not going to lie: I hate all supernatural beings, but especially those cocky ones like my new partner happens to be. Between baby vampires terrorizing school events, my truck getting totalled and demon sex clubs, I wonder who the hell I pissed off in a different life.

But when the vampire threat becomes personal, I’m hell bent on getting to the bottom of it.

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