The short story long, long, long list

A funny story… we’ve turned things on their head here at Mansfield Readers and Writers. 

Normally, with competitions like this, there’s an entry deadline, then a bit of a break for deliberations and then the announcement of a long list and then the announcement of a shortlist and then an announcement of winners.

We’ve changed things up, announcing the shortlist earlier yesterday and now the long list. 

It’s a long, long list. We had so many wonderful entries that the first cut to create a long list was very difficult. 

So here, with huge congratulations from all of us at Mansfield Readers and Writers, is the long list of entries to our inaugural short story competition, responding to our theme of ‘heart’.


‘A Dish Of Hearts’ by Janeen Samuel
‘All Weather’ by A’Mhara Mckey
‘Branches’ by Paul Traynor
‘Career Girl’ by Emily Tosh
‘Christmas Charades’ by Andrea Barton
‘Christmas Lights’ by Jackie Woods (shortlisted)
‘Crosswords’ by Alison Biram
‘Dead weight’ by Patrick Boxall
‘Esmerelda’s Lonely Heart’ by Lisa Heidke
‘For the love of a daughter’ by Catherine Scott Bell
‘Garden Gala’ by Richard Gaynor
‘Heart/Broken’ by Taryn Donohue
‘Heartbreaker’ by Alyce Adams
‘Held by the sea’ by Molly Dunn
‘How do you feel now?’ by Simon Turner
‘I Remember’ by Linda Carter
‘Intangible Binds’ by Tanya Park
‘Isla’ by Karina Ware
‘Love Thy Neighbour’ by Sinead Reilly (shortlisted)
‘Mrs Detering (against the world)’ by Carl Walsh
‘My heart was won with poetry’ by Catherine O’Neill
‘My person’ by Lyn Holland
‘Nothing to See Here’ by Carolynne Hamilton
‘Roar’ by Justine Sless (shortlisted)
‘Sauce’ by Jean Flynn
‘Snowballs’ by Carol Lowden
‘Starry, Starry Cow’ by Deborah May (shortlisted)
‘The Cliff’ by Helen Jennings
‘The Crystal Bowl’ by Neil Ray
‘The Happy Medium’ by Jane Leonard
‘The Heart is a Muscle by Jude Anison
‘The Heart Tattoo’ by Ann Gryllis
‘Thin Walls’ by Jason Spongberg
‘Thylacine’ by Cassie Hamer (shortlisted)
‘Too Many Mothers’ by Laura Kelly
‘Wait for Me’ by Victoria Benn
‘Wandiligong’ by Zachary Pryor
‘Where Idle Weeds Grow’ by Natalie A Vella
‘Yellow Daisies’ by Carolyn Nicholson