Sue McDonald

Sue McDonald worked as an operating room nurse and as a Baptist Pastor, before discovering an interest in short story writing. She contributed several pieces to a collection of sermons in 2017, Reflections on the Gospel of St Mark. In 2022, she self-published her first short story collection Apostrophe S: Quirky Short Stories, after successes in the Mansfield Bushy Tales Competition.

As she begins a piece of writing, Sue looks forward to the experience of travelling unpredictable paths, discovering curious situations and characters, and trusting that a destination exists. She also hopes her readers will ask, “What might happen next?” thus creating a new path on which to travel.

Now semi-retired, she divides her time between Mansfield and suburban Melbourne. 

Apostrophe S – Quirky Short Stories

One of the tasks of the apostrophe is to indicate possession. Such usage of this little grammatical mark links these twelve stories.

None has an intentional moral lesson, several have elements of science fiction, many have an ending which comes as a complete surprise. All have a starting point in something real, or easily imagined – at least for the first few words. You are invited to read and see where the characters go.

Events at Mansfield Readers and Writers Festival 2023

Workshop: story writing for kids

Saturday 5 March  11:30 – 12:30 pm

$20 earlybird to 3 Jan
$25 full price