Festival events for writers

If you’re a writer dreaming of publication or even just starting on the journey, we’ve put together a  mix’n’match mini-masterclass for aspiring and emerging writers at the inaugural Mansfield Readers and Writers Festival.

Four panel events and four workshops have been curated with you in mind!

Start on Saturday 4 March 11:00 am – 12:00 pm at with the panel How my writing journey started. In conversation, Lyn Yeowart, Margaret Hickey,

Then on Sunday, two fantastic sessions to inspire you to get that book out into the world.

  • ‘Publishing options’ features a publisher, and writers who have tried traditional and self-publishing and share why they’ve chosen one over the other.
  • ‘The power of the edit’ is all about the collaboration between editor and writer? Is an edit always necessary? How do you handle an editor’s suggestions when you don’t agree with them?

And to finish the experience, a panel with authors who share what has changed for them with the publication of bestselling books. Is it true that once you have a bestselling novel you can sit back and live ‘The author life’?

Cementing your craft

For writers at any stage, a 90 minute workshop with a specialist focus can be just what you need to refresh your writing and take it somewhere new!

Sensory masterclasses

We’ve all done those writing courses where we’re asked to tap into all our senses and bring that to our writing. These sensory masterclasses will take you right into the world of your senses, whether you’re a writer, or a reader or both!

  • Peter Coleman  leads a sensory masterclass ‘In Search of Lost Wine’ that pairs wines by Fowles Wines with emotions, feelings (and delicious fruit and cheese!) Opportunities to write will be available, but not mandatory!
  • Eliza Henry-Jones is presenting a gorgeous workshop ‘The Language of Flowers’ in which you’ll create a bouquet of flowers from bunches of fresh blooms that Eliza will bring from her Yarra Valley flower farm. Inspired by the beauty in front of you, you’ll create some inspired writing and tap into creativity in new ways.

Learn how to make your writing funny

Justine Sless facilitates the ‘Witty words’ masterclass that helps you understand what makes us laugh and why.

Write your legacy

Andrea Rowe will teach you how to ‘Write your memories and milestones’ in a masterclass that is designed for people what want to move from memory sharing to words worth treasuring.

So, if you’re a writer or only just dreaming … there’s something for you at Mansfield Readers and Writers and we look forward to welcoming you!