Who are you calling a dinkus?

Who are you calling a dinkus?

When we introduced our sponsorship package in September, we loved the idea of linking sponsorship with bookish ideas. 

While books are only one way to tell a story, they’re definitely a favourite for us!

So we named our sponsor tiers with a little bit of tongue in cheek. 

‘Library’, ‘Book’, ‘Chapter’ ‘Page’ and ‘Dinkus‘.

What’s that you say?  What on earth is a dinkus? At first hearing it sounds like something a bit negative. Something we might like to avoid calling a sponsor…

But a dinkus is actually a very useful part of a story’s structure.  It marks a break in the text. Not as significant as a chapter break, it encourages the reader to take a breath. A dinkus says ‘change is coming’.

Here’s one we prepared earlier.

* * *

There’s even a whole article about the dinkus on the Paris Review website – for you literary types. We love the last line of the article in particular “Much like the stars, the dinkus is a point of navigation.”

With that in mind if you’d like to support Mansfield Readers and Writers with a small donation, please don’t be offended if we thank you for being a dinkus. We say it with love and we’ll value your support like a sailor values the Acrux and Gacrux stars in the Southern Cross. 

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